I told her: 8 years? No way. 7 were too many already, are you kidding me?

She laughed all over the place: 8, yes!

Me: 8, no! And then maybe, 9 or 10? And then, what else

On she laughed: 8, yes!

I could have gone on and on for ages, just to hear her laugh that way.

I said: tell me, will you still give me sweet kisses when you are 8?

Kindly, she replied: of course, and at 9 and 10 too, and when I’m grown-up and forever and forever!

Me: Uhm, are you sure? Well, in that case, you may turn 8. But 9…no way

She laughed all over the place: 9 yes!

And this is the true story of how this sweet bird came to turn 8.

(but 9… you guess it right?)


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