Quelques jours d’absence pour me ressourcer à Rome, et me voilà de retour avec une jolie surprise: deux nominations différentes aux Liebster awards, une par mon amie norvégienne Lena, et l’autre par Shirley, dont je découvre le blog à cette occasion. Viele Danke les filles!

Voici  ce que Shirley voulait savoir sur moi, les question de Lena se trouvent plus bas, dans la version anglaise:

Quel serait ton Super pouvoir de Super héros ? J’aimerais pouvoir arrêter le temps à ma guise.

Si tu pouvais black lister une personne, ce serait … ? Quelqu’un de malpoli que je suis obligée de frequenter pour mon travail…

Amour ou amours ? Amours!

Quel signe astrologique tu évites ? Ahem..aucun…que je sache.

Dans quelle boutique tu serais prête à faire un casse ? Chez Lil Weasel! Prenez gare les filles!

Mac Do ou china fast food ? Bo-bun, ça vaut?

Laura Ingalls ou nelly Olson ? Oups, je ne sais pas qui c’est…

Tu peux avoir une discussion autour d’un verre avec une célébrité, laquelle choisirais-tu ? Cate Blanchett ou  mieux, Wes Anderson!

Ton dessert tue la ligne que tu mangerais sur la tête d’un pouilleux ? Aucun, berk!

Quelle star pourrait jouer ton rôle dans ton biopic ? ha ha, aucune ne voudrait je crois…

Pourquoi as tu ouvert ton blog ? Pour partager des choses que j’aime et pour échanger avec des nouvelles personnes.

Et maintenant c’est à mon tour de nommer mes blogs préférés du moment:

Documenting Delight: j’adore les photos de Georgia, son intelligence, son sens de l’humour. Un jour, j’aimerais bien aller rencontrer sa famille en Australie.

Soule Mama: Amanda partage ses projets en couture et tricot. J’aime son style simple et plein d’humour. Son blog est une mine d’inspiration.

Une Poule à Petit Pas: La Poule coud, tricote, crochète et cuisine très bien aussi. Un chouette blog, plein de bonne humeur et de bonnes idées.

Teak Tray Weekdays: Lena a été une des première personnes à poster un commentaire sur mon blog à peine créé. Depuis, je suis ses aventures et ses projets artistiques.

Rose Minuscule: ah les doigts de fée de Laurence, son univers si doux et poétique…

I just came back from a few days relaxing in Rome and found a nice surprise: two nominations to the Liebster blog awards! One from my Norwegian blogger friend Lena and the other from Shirley, whose blog I discovered on the occasion. Viele Danke girls, that’s cool.

Here’s what Lena wanted to know about me, Shirley’s questions are above, in the French version:

1. Why did you start blogging and how has your blogging evolved?
I’ve started blogging after a few years reading other blogs which inspired me. It felt like the internet offered me the opportunity to see and share things I love more easily, so I decided to try myself. Now I feel a bit more confident that my blog can still improve but  pretty much reflects me.
2. Do you feel guilty  when you don’t get around to post as much as you’d like, and how often is optimal?
I see bloggers post everyday and I find that pretty impressive. I could not do that because I mostly blog about things I do or bake, so it takes time and pictures. But I’ve committed to myself to post at least every 3 days in order to be motivated even if I’m busy. I try to stick to this rule and it works out most of the time.
3. Have you had any career-related goals with your blog?
If I could earn a leaving through blogging and still be true to myself I would be in for it for sure. I’m about to open an Etsy shop, so keep posted.
4. Do you usually tell people about your blog?
At first I was ashamed of it, now it has become more natural. But I still don’t say it to anyone.
5. What do you do to recover after a period of stress?
I find gardening very relaxing. But also knitting and sewing or baking. Anything that keeps my hands busy. And I drink liters of Yogi teas and the like.
6. Have you formed an image of your average reader, and if so, who is it?
Not really…I think people who like crafts and some sort of conscious living?
7. Can you recomand a book, a record and a mouvie?
A book, I would recommend Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth, one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. A record: we’re listening a lot to Pax Pax Pacific from Foals at the moment. A movie, I just loved the Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.
8. Do you have a tip for visitors of your home town?
Find a small hotel in the center and just get lost in the small Roman streets. You may miss some tourist attractions but catch its true soul.
9. Where do you prefer to travel yourself?
I like to discover new places. But I also love going to Rome, my hometown, to Tuscany, where I have part of my family, and to London, the city I wanted to move to when I was a teenager. One day I would like to travel to the Valdes Peninsula to see the whales and all sorts of wild life.
10. What are your plans for this summer?
I don’t know yet because I’m not sure about when I can take some days off. But I will surely take some family time in Italy.
And now it’s my turn to name my favorite blogs of the moment:
Documenting Delight: I love Georgia’s pics, her writing, her sense of humor. One day I would love to visiter her family on the other side of the sea.
Soule Mama: Amanda shares her crafts projects and family pics. I love her low-key, funny style. So inspiring.
Une Poule à Petit Pas: Aurélie sews, knits, crochets and cooks well. I love her lively and unpretentious style.
Teak Tray Weekdays: Lena has been one of the first people to comment on this newborn blog. Ever since I love to follow her family’s adventures and art projects.
Rose Minuscule: Laurence’s creations are so delicate and full of poetry…this girl must be a fairy.

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