these memories








Walking on country paths I used to know very well.

The kids look so grown up against these secular olive trees.

I tell them all about how beautiful the mimosa tree will be in the spring, covered in yellow fluffy flowers whose scent can be smelled from far away.

Du soleil et des fraises – Sun and strawberries

Malgré le long hiver

nos fraisiers ont plein de nouvelles pousses

et même des fleurs

Bientôt nous allons pouvoir goûter aux meilleurs fraises du monde:

celles qu’on aura soignées et vu grandir jour après jour

On a hâte!


Despite the endless winter,

our strawberry plants are full of new leaves and flowers

Soon we will be able to eat the most delicious strawberries in the world:

the ones which we have looked after and watched grow day by day

We look so forward to it!