half a year







In three days, it will be 6 months. Half a year.

My first birthday and Gabriele’s have gone by without your phone call. And the first summer without seeing you, without you telling me how you enjoyed the images I sent you. Winter will be here soon and it will bring your birthday with it, the first where I won’t get the chance to ask myself what would make you happy. And the first Christmas without going present shopping together. Then spring will come and Chiara’s birthday with it, without you enquiring about her party. After that, the bulbs you offered me will bloom.

When March comes, the circle of these first twelve months « without » will be complete. Day after day we will have learned – more or less lightheartedly – to live with your absence and to let go of our habits together in order to make room for learning how to feel your presence differently.

In 6 months, the second « life-after » circle will begin, then the third, the fourth and so on, without us noticing. Day by day we will live our lives with your renewed presence by our sides and together, we will create new memories.

Everything will be different on the surface, of course, but maybe not so much so on the inside. Because to me it is cristal clear that you, who have taught me to love the changing seasons and their cycles, you are most certainly there, somewhere, smiling at us as you witness each new leaf sprout in our lives.

8 réflexions sur « half a year »

    1. Grazie Silvia. E’ sempre un grande cambiamento, al quale non si è mai del tutto preparati giusto? A me consola molto sapere che, se tutto cambia, tutto può restare profondamente uguale, basta credere che sia possibile e dare tempo al tempo.

    1. et bien, j’espère que c’était des larmes d’émotion. J’aime penser, enfin je crois, tout au fond de mon coeur, que les personnes qui quittent cette terre sont toujours là. Comme quand on est loin en voyage et qu’on ne peut pas se voir. Il faut donc creuser au fond de son coeur, au delà du chagrin, pour retrouver ce lien au delà des apparences et avoir confiance que c’est possible. Je suis certaine que ton papa est à tes côtés dans chacun de tes pas.

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