One of those summer nights that seem never to come to an end.

When you stay out late,

your hair still wet,

chasing every bit of light,

while the sky and the sea turn every shade of blue.





It’s not often, that’s the least one can say.

But for this very reason, when it does happen to spot a perfect blue sky up above our heads, what a joy, what a surprise!

Then the oh so familiar rooftops and buildings suddenly shine differently. And in no time we, poor Southeners stranded in this usually (beautiful but) so grey city, dash outside to enjoy the sun; we gather in the parcs and along the river banks, kicking off our shoes and rolling up our sleaves as if in the middle of summer.

And while we are there, our heads turned upwards and our eyes closed, soaking every bit of warmth in because we know so well that it won’t last forever, each time we find ourselves sighing: Paris is such a beautiful city after all…

This moment #3

*Ce moment-là*

Un rituel hebdomadaire, inspiré de la rubrique de SouleMama: une photo, sans commentaires. Un arrêt sur image sur un petit grand bonheur, du quotidien ou extra-ordinaire, que j’ai envie de chérir et garder hors du temps. N’hésitez pas à partager votre moment dans un commentaire pour que tous puissent le lire.


*This moment*

A weekly ritual, inspired by SouleMama’s blog: a special picture, without subtitles. A unique, everyday or extra-ordinary  delight that I want to record and cherish. Don’t hesitate to share your link in a comment for all to see if you wish to join in. Cheers!