an autumn day



an autumn day

warm sun on my face

traveling back in time

scrolling through the remains of a revolved past





puisque tout passe



« …Passons passons puisque tout passe
Je me retournerai souvent
Les souvenirs sont des cors de chasse
Dont meurt le bruit parmi le vent »

Cors de chasse, Guillaume Apollinaire













Even more so, after the recent sad news, let us celebrate this amazing, fleeting gift that is life. It’s a drop in the ocean yes, but there’s nothing more one can do than to try and lead by example in one’s life.



blessed by





The bliss of an autumn Sunday,

in one of the most authentic flea markets in Paris.

Blessed by a golden light announcing the winter months ahead

and the unique, inimitable, smell of a time long gone.

with curious eyes



If travelling is about discovery in the first place, there’s no need to go far. You only need to see the world around you with curious eyes, don’t you?

towards the light



Seeking shelter on a rainy afternoon,

I ended up in an unexpected parallel dimension,

warm and humid,

where silence reigned and time seemed to have stopped.


No birds or animal sounds.

No wind among the leaves.

Just the sound of water hissing from somewhere.


And within this silence,

one could almost feel all these green creatures,

big and small, breathe and grow.

Each one in its own particular way.


But all turned towards the light.


fluctuat nec mergitur



Going back to this square, tiptoeing. So many people, flowers, candels. Flashes and cameras everywhere as in a morbid reality show. Being tempted to back away. Finding strenght and holding one’s hand to thread sidewalks that have long been familiar and friendly. In summertime, wintertime. Alone, with friends. Eyes wide open. To not let anything go unseen. Making myself go back once, twice, three, four times until the fear is under control. Covered in new laughters and memories.

Because Life is so beautiful still. And there is still so much so see and live and cherish. Because Life isn’t shorter or more fragile today than it was before. It was and still is one blink of the eye. There are no more or less questions, or certainties. Except that there is Light and there are shadows. We only have the power to use our freedom to look for the Light even in the darkest hour. And to carry it forward.

Peace out, friends.

this moment #22/52


*This moment*

A weekly ritual, inspired by SouleMama’s blog: a special picture, without subtitles. A unique, everyday or extra-ordinary delight that I want to record and cherish. Don’t hesitate to share your link in a comment for all to see if you wish to join in. Cheers!

there are days





There are days like this, when tiny delights pile up,

one after the other,

as if placed by some friendly hand from above.

Then, there’s really no other wise choice that to lean in and ride the joy wave.

Don’t you think?





It’s not often, that’s the least one can say.

But for this very reason, when it does happen to spot a perfect blue sky up above our heads, what a joy, what a surprise!

Then the oh so familiar rooftops and buildings suddenly shine differently. And in no time we, poor Southeners stranded in this usually (beautiful but) so grey city, dash outside to enjoy the sun; we gather in the parcs and along the river banks, kicking off our shoes and rolling up our sleaves as if in the middle of summer.

And while we are there, our heads turned upwards and our eyes closed, soaking every bit of warmth in because we know so well that it won’t last forever, each time we find ourselves sighing: Paris is such a beautiful city after all…