the wild woman




Several years ago, my Argentinian friend offered me a book, without saying anything but with a special light in her eyes.  Twenty years have passed and « Women who run with the wolves » by Clarissa Pinkola Estés is still on my night table.

Tonight, while opening it casually, it offered me this timely sentence:

« I know many writers who keep a sentence posted over their desk, and a woman who has written it on a piece of paper that she keeps  folded in her shoe.  It contains a line from a poem by Charles Simic which represents the key prescription for us all: « Those who  cannot howl, will not find their herd ». If you want the wild Woman back, refuse to be captured ».



there ain’t much to say








When there ain’t much to say, except there is a whole lot to feel.






« I threw my cup away when I saw a child drinking from a stream with his hands »


with curious eyes



If travelling is about discovery in the first place, there’s no need to go far. You only need to see the world around you with curious eyes, don’t you?

london calling


all around




a 7-hour car trip

7 days spent in another dimension

green and blue

blue and green

blooming allmighty nature

all around us

as far as the eye can see


« Si tu fais des images, ne parle pas, n’écris pas, ne t’analyse pas, ne réponds à aucun questionnaire. Ne piétine pas les jardins secrets. Suggérer c’est créer : décrire c’est détruire. »
Robert Doisneau



this light



There are days when you’re in one of the places you love the most, at the hour that you prefer and with a camera on hand. People pass you by, friends may speak to you but you’re only half there. Your mind eager with anticipation.

And maybe it’s because you know you won’t get more chances for weeks or months, but you just wait for that moment that could – should – be about to happen as the most precious gift.

And if you’re lucky enough for it to happen while you’re right there waiting on the first row, that the Roman light turns that particular shade of gold and slowly paints the water below, the walls, the leaves – you just feel your heart might burst and you’re at a loss for words. There you remember exactly why you so often bother to carry a camera with you. Because one needs a tool to share the world, its light and shadows, whenever words are just not enough.

Sweet evening friends.

getting lost


Tiny citydweller happiness recipe

A sunny Sunday where spring is calling you, jump in your car or onto your bike with a mission to escape the city life. Of course you’ll need finding the right place, the one where greenery is still allowed, on purpose or by chance, to thrive on its own. It may take a while, so be patient. It may be that big parc on the other side of the city. Or that tiny patch of grass just around your corner which you had never noticed before. Trust your instinct and you’ll find it.

Once you’re on the right track, you must seek the most offbeat paths and make yourself tiny, almost invisible. If you have small children, ask for their guidance and they’ll be thrilled to introduce you to this secret world to which they belong. Then you’ll enter a parallel reality bursting with life that blossoms, sprouts, weaves and silently chews away while people rush by unaware, so busy with their very important tasks. They will not see that spring is slowly coming over. Nor be surprised to spot green leaves on a dry branch or a couple tiny flowers making their way out of dead leaves or seeds answering who knows what secret morse code and starting to sprout on the paveway. They might pass just a few inches away and not marvel at this miracle, but you will. And it needn’t be Thailand or Peru or the Arizona desert. You don’t need to go far to get lost and find yourself all of a sudden feeling connected to a bigger dimension that breathes in and out and creates a thousand forms of life out of death, in a relentless, constant transformation. It »s no big deal really, still it will make you feel alive. Maybe you’ll feel like putting words on it or you’ll keep silent – ’cause there isn’t much to say anyway – and just smile, like people who’ve just shared a tiny big secret and a moment of pure happiness.

Wishing you many of these moments, friends!

Ce petit rien – That little something

La douceur d’une après-midi au bord de l’eau,

le bleu du ciel,

des rires,

des jeux.

Ce petit rien, qui fait d’une journée

une belle journée.

Que votre soirée soit douce, chers amis.






A lovely afternoon walk by the river,

a blue sky above,



That little something that turns a day into a good day.

I wish you all a lovely evening, friends!